About Us

Anatolian Defense Industry is a firearm manufacturer and Developer located in ” Konya ” city of Turkey which has been well knows as home to variant other shotgun manufacturer . Well, Thanks to the industrial zone neighbouring us , today we are able to represent a vide range of Products including ” Single Barrel shotguns , Double Barrel Shotguns, Semi Automatic Shotguns , Air Rifle, Blank Pistols and many others in variant Calibers such as 12 ga , 20 Ga, 28 Ga, .410 Ga. well, Many of those lines are being manufactured with a great combination of ” State of the Art Technology at our up to date facilities and traditional gunsmithing with an experience of 60 years in a Gun manufacturing Industry Zone.

Well, We don’t only see what we do as a business, but we also see it as love of culture that passes from generation to generation. So, we value what we do as well as we value our customers . Today, we live in a world that no one cares about Total quality as well as they care about ” total profit of business ” from the very beginning of accepting the raw material into the facility to Final users of a good . However, we, Anatolian Defense industry is a kind of company where Quliaty Matters” much more than Money does. Well, Our Company always ” Aims at” the top quality for the most reasonable price . so, we love our business as long as our ” final Customers” love what they are offered with at the end of the day.

Well, our Vission is to be a major player in the Gun industry that is known by it ” Trusthworthy, Reliabilty, and the Greatest Service it offers other than anything else . Well, We belive in trust that makes businesses only powerfull…

Our mission is to provide our Final customers as well as our dealers with a Smart qualified items, the greatest service , and the most reasonable price that one can be offerred in the market ….

So, We hope to develop our business throughout the world with only those who belive in Trust and Customer satisfaction with those who cares about quality much more that we do so that we keep growing in order to make only the best quality items…

So, we would love to meet new ” Importers , Distributors, Wholesallers , Dealers and entrepreneurs ” throughout the world … Well, we don’t value our customers by the quantity that they purchase but we value them with their passion about representing only good quality items that makes them proud with what they do…

Yasin Ozcurcu
Company Owner & CEO
Anatolian Defense Industry